Explore ashore

For those who have cleared the mandatory 14-day Hawaii quarantine post-arrival (visitors and Hawaii residents), there are many other outdoor adventures you can enjoy now solo or with your family.

Call to inquire about how to enjoy these healthy, fun outdoor activities for families, couples, singles, or pairs of friends. Many of these can be done on your own, but be sure to first abide the 14-days-inside quarantine orders if you recently arrived. However you choose to experience Hawaii, please do so respectfully of the environment, the culture, yourselves, and each other, which means also closely following the current safer-at-home rules. When you do venture out, do so with care and consideration. We offer guided programs in the following areas (pending group-size confirmation and valid proof of quarantine clearance):

HIKING: Families, solo hikers, or pairs of 2 people can enjoy an invigorating hike on most state and county trails. We can direct and assist you to a range of locations, for hikers of all ages and skill levels, on Oahu and on the Kona side of the Big Island. All people hiking who are not part of a single residential or family unit sharing the same address must maintain a distance of at least 20 feet from any other hiker.

GOLF: Hawaii is known for its stunning golf courses, enjoyable by all skill levels. Golf is currently allowed in group sizes of four or fewer. Golf courses statewide have adopted extensive safety guidelines.

SHOPPING: (As of 5/7 on Hawaii Island and 5/15 on Oahu) Retail destinations offer a range of local products and unique experiences. Food courts, play courts and entertainment areas remain closed.

INSTRUCTION: Services provided on a one-on-one basis (one teacher and one student) are allowed. We can presently provide:

     * Scuba instruction and certification: bookwork and other ashore portions of class

     * Principles of boating, sailing, captaining and crewmanship: bookwork and other ashore portions of class

     * Surfing: pointers, history and culture of the sport, guidance and recommendations for safe surf breaks for varying skills

DELIVERY, TRANSPORTATION & CONCIERGE: Things are working a little differently for now in Hawaii, and we can help you navigate this most unique time. We can assist with pickups and contactless deliveries of items and personal shopping. If you are presently in quarantine you MUST stay inside for the full duration and you may only be delivered the food and goods you request. For those cleared from quarantine, we can also provide concierge planning assistance, transportation and guided assistance (abiding all group-sizing and social distancing requirements in each area of service).


BEACHES: All beaches in Hawaii are very restricted right now. No one is allowed to sit, stand, lie down, lounge, sunbathe, or loiter on any beach or sand bar in Hawaii. You can transit across or through beaches to access the ocean waters for outdoor exercise purposes, such as surfing, solo paddling, and swimming, so long as social distancing requirements are maintained. You can also run, jog, or walk on the beach, so long as social distancing requirements are maintained.

FISHING: Fishing is allowed from shore by a family, solo, or in pairs. Fishing is allowed vessels by more than two unrelated individuals only if all aboard possess a Commercial Fishing License.

BOATING:  There is no commercial boating allowed at this time. Families or a pair of people can go out recreational boating if you have access to your own vessel. No more than two people are allowed in any boat on Hawaii's waters for recreational purposes unless they are part of a single residential or family unit sharing the same address.