Hawaii Nautical is so grateful to the first responders, health professionals and essential workers who kept Hawaii safe and provided for all of our essential needs from the first days of the statewide shutdown in March 2020.

   As a token of our thanks to you, we extend an invitation for a FREE mahalo sail for any first responder and essential worker who has been on the job since March. You can bring guests for just $25 each. These special 75-minute sightseeing wildlife watch adventure sails are available on Oahu and Kona.

    These trips will run from June through Oct. 15, 2020. Please call 808-234-7245 to book, or fill out this form to inquire about availability for your preferred date and location. Due to COVID-related precautions, the maximum headcount on our vessels is very limited, but our reservations team will get right back to you with confirmation for a trip at the time and date that is closest to your preference.

     Please fill out the form below so our reservations staff can review your request, confirm your first-responder or essential worker status, and help find a trip to get you out on!

     The trips include nonalcohol drinks and will be single-serve. All consumption must be outside of cabin area. Guests may not bring their own food or beverage aboard, except for infants & toddlers. No alcohol may be brought aboard.

     (Note: all guests must have cleared 14-days from any recent travel. Hawaii has a mandatory 14-day quarantine in place following any air travel. Any recent-traveling local or visiting person who has a "Critical Infrastructure," "Emergency Worker," "Traveling Doctor," "Traveling Nurse," "Modified Quarantine" or any other type of work-related quarantine exception is NOT ELIGIBLE to board Hawaii Nautical vessels for excursions. Such quarantine waivers do not allow people to take part in non-essential, recreational activities; the waivers are only applicable to allow the worker to go to and from the essential-worker job they are on-island to perform.)


Business office 808-234-7245 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Hawaii time