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Looking for "Captain Bruce Scuba" or "Makoto's Dive Hawaii"? Those fine establishments have joined the Hawaii Nautical ohana of companies in recent acquisitions.

8.712% Hawaii general excise tax is added to all retail prices listed.

8.712% Tax and harbor fees added to all retail prices listed.

open-water advanced certification

3-day Open-Water Advanced $400 e-learning, or $530 with books

     If utilizing PADI E-Learning, be sure to identify "Hawaii Nautical" as your dive shop learning center.
     $400 per person, includes:
​* Manual
* Boat dives 

($130 is paid by the student directly to PADI for e-learning)

     $530 per person price includes hard-copy books, and no e-learning access.

get open-water certified

1-day Referral dive course and Open-Water certification $200

   If independent study and some, but not all, prior dives are done, finish up with us in a 2-tank outing on the same day.

2-day Referral dive course and Open-Water certification $350

   Study first independently, then finish the course with two days of boat diving (four “open water” dives).


3-day Open-Water certification $500 e-learning, or $638 with books

     Pick any day to dive with us first (Intro 1-tank), then prepare for a class and confined-water pool day, usually in the afternoon. This will be followed by one or two days of “open water” dives. If utilizing PADI E-Learning, be sure to identify "Hawaii Nautical" as your dive shop learning center.
     $550 per person, includes:
​* Open-water manual
* RDP tables
* Logbook/training record
* Use of: Video, wetsuit, snorkel gear, scuba gear
* Card registration
* Pool fee
* 4 boat dives

($138 is paid by the student directly to PADI for e-learning)

     $638 per person price includes all of the above, plus hard-copy books, and no e-learning access.

IMPORTANT: When booking, we need to know... 1. You are not flying out within 24 hours after the dive; 2. Intro divers must answer a medical questionnaire (see link here);

3. English fluency required for Intro divers; 4. Certification card or number must be present or be verified prior to departure; 5. Gear sizes: height, weight and shoe size.

Ultimate scuba diving

INTROS: Fill out medical questionnaire 

The best scuba diving in Hawaii. Explore the diving Oahu on a catamaran equipped with hot-water shower, restroom and plenty of room to relax.

    We offer Hawaii scuba dive Oahu experiences to match every skill level; including wrecks, drift dives, walls and shallow reefs, with attentive instructors.

   Light snacks and juices, sodas & water are available. Just bring your own towels & we'll take care of the rest. We provide all the gear you'll need (integrated BCD, balanced regulator, tanks, fins, mask, 3mm short wetsuit, weights), or you are welcome to bring your own gear. Dive computers are not provided, but you may bring. Snorkel ridealongs are available on all our diving Hawaii outings.

    Each Oahu scuba diving trip is a guided tour of the site, led by PADI divemasters and instructors with no more than six divers per guide. There is no pre-arranged dive site schedule.  We get input from our divers to determine a location that best suits the passengers on board. Hawaii scuba diving is fun!

what is "intro" diving?

     Do you enjoy swimming and snorkeling?  Have you ever had the desire to experience the thrill of scuba diving Hawaii? Then our Discover Scuba Diving program is perfect for you!

    Your adventure is as easy as ONE, TWO and THREE.....!

     ONE:  A scuba overview

     TWO: Practice scuba diving techniques in shallow water (max 40 feet)

     THREE: Enjoy a 30 minute shallow dive with an experienced instructor.

HEALTH NOTE: Scuba diving involves pressure changes so for your safety, you must have healthy/normal heart, lungs, ears and sinuses and be in overall good health. All Intro divers must answer a health questionnaire (see a sample here) prior to going on the dive, and if you answer "yes" to any of the conditions on Page 1, a doctor must sign-off prior to the trip (see Page 2 if that is necessary) to allow diving.

    Cruise the scenic West Oahu coast to an array of dive locations including wrecks, caves and reefs while scuba diving Oahu.
    Transportation available from Waikiki and from Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa at Ko Olina; Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club, Beach Villas at Ko Olina, and Four Seasons Oahu Ko Olina


$159 Certified 2-tank (morning itinerary 9am-Noon)

$159 Intro lesson + 1-tank

Ridealong (limited snorkeling): $89 adult/$59 child

Free Ko Olina hotel shuttle; $30 shuttle from Waikiki